Hi list,

I have a PailTap generating tuples. I'd like to get a generator from it
with individual fields :

(gen ?timestamp ?type ?data)

Of course, I have the following that works :

(defn- deconstruct-datalog [datalog]
   (let [date (.getDate datalog)
         type (.getType datalog)
         map (into {} (.getMap datalog))]
     [date type map]))

(defn make-generator-datalog
   (<- [?timestamp ?type ?data]
       (lines ?line)
       (deconstruct-datalog ?line :> ?timestamp ?type ?data)))

with getDate, getType, etc being implemented in my Pail data type.

BUT, I have now several types of pails and this is becoming very painful tu
manage a make-generator for all my types.

I'd like to implement something like this (this does not work) :

(defn- make-tuple [t]
(.getAsTuple t))

(defn make-generator-anytype
   (<- ?outvars
       (lines ?line)
       (make-tuple ?line :> ?outvars)))

with getAsTuple implemented in my Pail data type, outputting a vector.

Does this make sense ? can I have a dynamic out-vars created depending on
my datatype ?


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