I'm curious about the status of the feature of dynamically creating custom
operators (e.g. mapop, filterop, etc.). This was mentioned in a previous
post for a Cascalog 2.0 preview
using serializable-fn. The code in feature/serfn hasn't been touched in a
while, and that code doesn't seem to be in the current develop branch. Is
this code still in consideration for being merged, or are there technical
issues that stopped its development?

I ask because I've been playing around with an idea to have a simple
webservice to run ad-hoc cascalog queries on our hadoop cluster. My
strategy so far is to have a ring server hosted on a machine that can
access the cluster and cascalog compiled in, and then use load-string to
eval code received from the web request. This currently doesn't work with
the latest cascalog version since any custom operators are "unbound" in the
jar sent to the cluster. I've gotten it to work with the feature/serfn
branch with some dependency hackery, so I figure that naively evaling
cascalog queries must be possible. However, I wouldn't want to be stuck on
a relatively old version of cascalog. If there's a better way to be able to
run arbitrary cascalog queries dynamically, let me know.

I could help out in getting at least the serializable custom operators from
the Cascalog 2.0 preview into mainline cascalog if that helps. I've already
written code to work around this dynamic custom operator limitation in
other projects anyway, so this would help to simplify that code.


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