I have two controllers.
- In one controller (OptionsController) you can create, edit, add and
delete your own options. This is working as it is supposed to.
- Next to that I have a different controller (let's name that one
SecondController) that needs a view from the first controller

Normally I would just use $this->render(), but the thing here is that I
need to pass a var along with the render.In a view from the
SecondController I need to embed a view from the OptionsController, which
needs a variable (like an ID or something).

So if you go to /options/view/2 then it would show you the option with id
2, this is working because it's basic stuff. But when you go to
/second/index I want to render the options view. You can do this with
$this->render(), but then you can't pass the variable that is needed to
show the view. So how can I do this? Or is it not possible?

I hope you understand what I am trying to do and have a solution for this.

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