So i am using roles now to run the "default" setup on [all].
I've split it up so that at some point it runs an include playbook in my
"configure" playbook. So i can run ansible-playbook configure.yml and it
will do all basics + hosts group specific stuff.

Thing is that i call roles in my configure.yml to do the standard stuff,
and inside the group specific i run for example a nodejs role. Only when i
include "appservers.yml" which is in a different folder then the
configure.yml it will fail if i call a role in there since it cant find it.

Do note that i usually download the roles to a "roles" folder, so they are
all there. I just need my include playbooks to know the location of that
roles path (i think its now just trying to look in the same folder for the

If this still makes sense to the reader ;)

Any thoughts is appreciated,

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