I get the same error when trying to create a redis cache cluster using
Cloud Formation template: "Use of cache security groups is not permitted in
this API version for your account.". I'm creating a AWS::ElastiCache::SecurityGroup
so I can allow access from my EC2 instances and it fails to create the SG.

On Friday, August 15, 2014 5:03:11 PM UTC-7, Shih Oon Liong wrote:

I was trying to provision a new memcached server via ansible

- name: AWS | Create Redis
module: elasticache
region: sa-east-1
name: "test-please-delete"
state: present
engine: memcached
cache_engine_version: 1.4.14
node_type: cache.m1.small
num_nodes: 1
cache_port: 11211
- *default*
zone: sa-east-1a

When I ran it I get the error " Use of cache security groups is not
permitted in this API version for your account." This seems to only occur
in Sau Paolo Region and every other reason. With the only exception being
US East for example works fine.

Any ideas where I can diagnose this - looking for this error on google
shows me no lead thus far
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