On Jul 12, 8:47 am, Isha Shah wrote:
I want to lock files that is on the sdcard of android by making it password
protected or something like that. I need to lock them so no one except my
application can delete copy move or send them over bluetooth or any other
way. How can I do it?
Encryption as Dianne mentions will help with most things except
deletion, but work on legacy devices (at least if they have an
external storage)

Or one could just keep the data in internal storage - on many newer
devices it's the same bucket of bits as is used to emulate the
external, and on older devices it would work to the degree that space
is available.

Encrypted external storage, with compressed backup (against deletion)
to the internal or a remote server might be a good combination. But
since you shouldn't be able to get much compression on well-encrypted
data, you would have to compress the un-encrypted data, then encrypt
it before sending over the network.

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