(I originally posted this message to android-developers, but it was
suggested that this list might be a better forum. Apologies for the
duplication to anyone on both lists.)


I noticed that in the currently-released source code of the MMS app,
there are two files, Divot.java and QuickContactDivot.java, both in the
com.android.mms.ui package, which contain in the header the following
copyright notice:

// Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
// All Rights Reserved.

This is especially odd given that the rest of the package is under the
Apache 2 license. I would like to adapt this code (and the related
images, msg_bubble_right and msg_bubble_left) for use in my application
but will not do so if it would violate some copyright of Google's.

Does anyone know if this copyright notice just a mistake, or if Google
actually intend to have a different licensing regime for these two files
than for the rest of the app? If the latter, do the related images also
fall under this stricter regime?

Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone can provide!


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