It would be nice to see some example since it seems that it isn't trivial
to take original code of NativeActivity SDK class and modify it at our will.

Le mardi 11 juin 2013 12:19:01 UTC-4, gadget a écrit :
hi joshua,

I think the problem lies in the following: NativeActivity does not create
a SurfaceView, it does takeSurface, which is a bit different. What this
does is it disables view hierarchy updates for your entire activity. It is
for this same reason that you cannot create some sort of an AdView on top
of NativeActivity. I would recommend copy/pasting the NativeActivity code
(with some modifications, for example you will need to get your input via
onTouch, onKey) and instead of takeSurface, create a proper SurfaceView.
Then this trick should work. I can point you in the direction of some
custom NativeActivities, if you would like.

As far as I can tell the specs for setBuffersGeometry are are not true for
some driver/vendor combinations. I've communicated with the vendor for my
particular problem device (Adreno 205), but this chip is old, so I don't
think there is much stimulus to fix bugs for it.
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