On Aug 16, 12:01 pm, celavek wrote:

- I want to run one of the native apps that will generate a
config file in its internal data storage; I will close the native
app(nothing related running in the background)
- I want to be able to start the second application and use the
config file generated by the first
- It would be nice if I could share the file in a proper Android way;
Use a shared userid, which is mostly a function of the manifest.
I could just generated the file on the sdcard and give proper
permissions to both my apps but would like to stay away from
that method
Not really, as there are no uid-locked per-file or per-directory
permissions on the sdcard
I have searched for a way to do that from native code but apparently
is not possible.
It is possible, as all the java APIs for internal storage file
permissions do is use the underlying Linux file system permissions.
However, you cannot use this to grant access to a specific foreign
uid. Since you lack the ability to define it a new unix group, it's
basically your uid only, or everyone.

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