On Jul 18, 3:33 am, YM wrote:

Sure, adb push the new copy somewhere writable on /data from your build script
Thanks unfortunately it didn't worked.

Unable to load native library: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't
load /mnt/sdcard/devel/libtest.so: findLibrary returned null
/mnt/sdcard is not under /data

The sdcard is mounted with a mount flag which prevents executing code
stored there, because there is no protection against some other app
trojanizing it.

The best choice would be within your app's private directory, but
getting it there is tricky. A tolerably choice during testing is
either /data/local or /data/local/tmp depending on android version

FYI, Meraj, this is a solution for non-rooted devices, however which
directory you can use without root does vary from version to version.

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