On Jul 11, 9:10 am, cowwoc wrote:
When you compile an Android project, does it copy all class files
and resources (libraries and application code) into one directory and
generate an APK out of that? I mean, how do library class files end up
in the APK? If the build process is already copying the class files
over, perhaps it's copying the native libraries over too...?
It's likely filtering out anything that is not a class file.

If it were copying them by accident, it would likely get an error when
trying to convert them to dex format.

And even if it didn't try to process them as something else, they'd
end up in the wrong place in the apk to be recognized as compatible-
ABI native libraries by the platform and copied out for use on

Patching the build system to handle them should be possible though; in
the meantime you will have to instruct developers who use your library
to copy your tree of native libs into their project's libs/ folder

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