Hacking Health is having a Hackathon at Ste Justine this weekend, Feb 21. I
have a project and am looking for several kinds of participants including
Android Programmers and iPhone programmers. (Call Safe) #3 in

The project (Call Safe) has a single use-case. A family has an aged
relative who they love and would like to phone from time to time. However
"Grandma" walks very slowly. If she is not near a phone she may run and
fall trying to answer the ringing phone. So they call her rarely. Broken
hips from falls are a frequent cause of death in the elderly.

The plan is to monitor her chair and update a cloud database. At the target
level of disability they really use only one chair. The Call-Safe
cell-phone apps will check this database and let the call through. Or they
will not let Grandma's phone ring, and take some other action (remind
later, just fail, send a message to Grandma etc).

The monitoring can be done using a contact closure switch with a
Raspberry-Pi, or an old Android phone with an accelerometer or something
else. I would really like a kit for a child to make a present for her
Grandma to be one of the deliverables.

The communication between the chair sensor and the cloud database can be
done in several ways too... BlueTooth to a local always-on Android device (
www.Stay-in-Touch.ca <http://www.stay-in-touch.ca/>), HTTP to the cloud
directly, or more esoteric communications USB from a USB foot switch, or
DTMF from the Android phone to the Stay-in-Touch. Cost may be an important

If you have skills and interest you are most welcome to join this, or any
other project.

Hacking Health charges $30 to participate. If this is stopping you, please
let me know. I may be able to help with this issue.

*John Brohan http://www.stay-in-touch.ca <http://www.stay-in-touch.ca/>
    tel 514 995 3749 <514%20995%203749>. *
*http://www.Stay-in-Touch.ca?kids <http://www.Stay-in-Touch.ca?kids> for
parents of sick children*
*YouTube http://youtu.be/pdN8T1yTmck <http://youtu.be/pdN8T1yTmck>*
*Medication Scheduler http://www.PillTimes.com <http://www.pilltimes.com/>*

*John Brohan http://www.stay-in-touch.ca <http://www.stay-in-touch.ca/>
    tel 514 995 3749. *
*http://www.Stay-in-Touch.ca?kids <http://www.Stay-in-Touch.ca?kids> for
parents of sick children*
*YouTube http://youtu.be/pdN8T1yTmck <http://youtu.be/pdN8T1yTmck>*
*Medication Scheduler http://www.PillTimes.com <http://www.pilltimes.com/>*

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