I'm novice in Android app developement. I recently started building theme
packs for different launchers and uploaded them on Play Store. These apps
are having issues with devices using Jelly Bean ROM. And not just the mass
reported encryption related issue. I had heard that only paid apps were not
working on JB earlier and then Google disabled the DRM on play store and
that the apps were now supposed to work on JB too. But that's not happening
for me.

- Both of my paid and free apps are not working on Jelly Bean.
- Both kinds are getting downloaded to /mnt/asec which is the
'encrypted' market app download location for JB; and not the /data/app
- The exact same apk, when sideloaded and installed, works fine. So,
it's not app's issue.
- I downloaded someone else's theme pack and it got downloaded to
/data/app and worked fine.

So, my question is,

- While compiling/building the apk, do I need to do some extra settings
somewhere to make the app compatible with JB through play store?
- How do I force my apps to download OR get installed at pre-JB
locations and not /mnt/asec?

Any help would be appreciated. My apps are getting a bad rep due to this. :(


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