Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2 64-Bit / Oracle 64 bit

I have a new environment I'm setting up and testing for an upcoming go live.

I have a database PROD on node1 which backs up to i:\backups\PROD

I have my controlfile autobackups going to i:\backups\PROD\ctl

PROD is backing up just fine, I have all sorts of files on i: for backups.

I want to test doing a refresh of the DEV database.

DEV exists on NODE2.

Being what I thought was clever, I mapped the I: drive on NODE2 to

I went over to NODE1 and shared I:\BACKUPS with my domain account.

I went over to NODE2 and as far as I can tell, I can see everything.

So, I start a CMD window on NODE2, set my environment variables, stop DEV
and restart it NOMOUNT with a special PFILE I keep on hand that includes
db_file_name_convert and log_file_name_convert parameters.

Then I do my RMAN block:

allocate auxiliary channel aux1 device type disk;
set until time "to_date('2012-12-04:15:00:00','YYYY-MM-DD:HH24:MI:SS')";
duplicate target database to DEV;

RMAN starts doing its thing. It identifies the correct controlfile backup
from the Prod catalog but when it tries to open it, I'm getting ORA-27041
unable to open file.

Going back to the CMD shell, I can set my current directory to
i:\backups\PROD\ctl, do a directory listing and see the file there from

I'm sure that there's some funky Windows security thing that I'm missing
here. Could it be that even though my CMD shell is running under my domain
account, the ORACLE service runs under Local System and thus can't see the
network resource ?

I know I could copy the backup files to a local resource and then do
"duplicate target database to elldev backup location 'd:\some_other_dir';"
but I'd like to see if I can work out how to handle it this way.

I suppose while I'm at it I'd also like to solicit comments on which is
likely to be less network intensive - having RMAN pull the backup files over
the network or having me do it manually and restoring from local copies.

Thanks for any input.


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