Try this (at a high level, refer to the documentation for details):

* Target (Source database) should be up.
* Login and do: create pfile='/path/to/initclonedb.ora' from spfile;
* Edit the pfile, change all references from target to clonedb
- db_name = clonedb
- instance_name = clonedb
- setup background_dump_dest, user_dump_dest etc
- point your control files at the new location
- setup db_file_name_convert='old','new'
- setup log_file_name_convert='old','new'
* Make sure all needed directory structures are created (controlfiles,
datafiles, log files etc)
* If windows, make sure services have been created
* Login to the clonedb, shut it down
* Start it up again, nomount, with the modified pfile created above
- startup nomount pfile=/path/to/initclonedb.ora
* Configure tnsnames.ora and your listener
* Login to your target and LIST BACKUP SUMMARY to make sure your backups are
* Set ORACLE_SID to be your clone
* RMAN TARGET /@target auxiliary /
* Should show connected to target (open), clonedb (not mounted)
* Execute:
Allocate auxiliary channel aux1 device type disk;
Set until time "to_date('2012-02-07:06:00:00','YYYY-MM-DD:HH24:MI:SS')";
Duplicate target database to CLONEDB;

Then wait for it to finish.

After it's done, I shut the copy down and set to noarchivelog mode and
change the password of a couple of accounts so that the passwords are
different in test then prod etc.

That should be the gist of it, but check the RMAN documentation for more


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Subject: clone database use RMAN backup on same server

I tried to clone ORACLE database use one week ago RMAN (10Gr2) database
backup. Clone database also on same server but different instance name.

Anyone know how to do it?



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