There's no chance you need to fix the hosts file under WINDOWS\drivers\etc


On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 11:00 AM, Storey, Robert (DCSO) <
RStorey_at_dcso.nashville.org> wrote:
Yes, I just didn�t type out the full path name to the sqlnet.ora file

Yep, I can tnsping grid, but not grid.dcso.org

Listener is:

(GLOBAL_DBNAME = grid.dcso.org)

(ORACLE_HOME = c:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1)

(SID_NAME = grid)





(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = dcsosvgc)(PORT = 1525))


(SERVICE_NAME = grid.dcso.org)


I�m thinking I have a disconnect in identing the database either by using
the SID when I should be using the Service name.

*From:* alanbort_at_gmail.com *On Behalf Of *Guillermo
Alan Bort
*Sent:* Friday, October 15, 2010 9:50 AM
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*Subject:* Re: Grid Control Install Problem #437

Just as a clarification, the sqlnet.ora file is in $OH/network/admin, not
$OH/network, right? what are the contents of listener.ora? and tnsnames.ora?
did you try setting the names.default_domain in sqlnet.ora? can you tnsping
grid? can you tnsping grid.dcso.org?


On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Storey, Robert (DCSO) <
RStorey_at_dcso.nashville.org> wrote:

I am trying to install GC on a Windows 2008 x32 box. Yes, I know
that is not certified with W2008, as the Oracle rep in the SR
kindly pointed out before reading the rest of my problem.

I�m installing the GC IAW Note 763072.1, the section on �Installing EM GC
Using and Existing Database on Windows 2008/Vista�

The OUI is coming up fine and I�m to the step to create the Repository. I
have a newly patched and installed database ready to hold it. The
Global_database_name is �grid.dcso.org�, sid_name is �grid�. Db_name is
�grid�. Sqlnet.ora file in the \network folder only has one line

So, at the Screen �Specify Repository Database Configuration�, I have
entered the fully qualified Database Hostname, I�ve entered the correct
listener port, and the correct SYS Password.

For the field Service/SID, I entered the service I had created (verified
it works through tnsping and sqlplus.). When I hit NEXT, I get an error
stack that basically is a ORA-12514. If I change Service/SID to �
grid.dcso.org�, I then get an error message ORA-01017, invalid

I�ve used orapwd to rest the sys Password, setting entires =5 and ensured
that the remote_password variable is set to EXCLUSIVE (all per a note that I
had read when researching the 12514 error). Still, I can�t get it to accept
and progress.

The documents I�ve read said I should be using the DB_NAME value for that
field, but that gets me the 12514 error.

I�m getting the feeling I�m missing some small step or such, but can�t
figure it out.

Any thoughts other than tossing the box in the river?


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