Good Morning

This is a good point., I'm tech in data processing and bachelor in
computer science, I'm work in IT area since 99 and I really love it.
In nowadays, I think about change my focus, for example, a new job in
other area, because what I know about IT will help me a lot in any
area, independent if the company work directly with IT or not.

I thought start my master degree in IT, although I thought better
(I'm married, 2 children, my job is 100KM for my home, so .. in
average 3 hours every day to arrive / back from job), and to do the
master will be necessary study every weekend to get the master ... I
don't want spend time for it .., not yet.

About my skill, I work as System Admin (Unix, Linux, MS products),
about database (Oracle, MySQL, PostGre "starting to learn ..."), about
development (C, Shell "ksh, bash, csh ...", PHP).

In my point of view, the University (degree) is really important,
but the student "most of the time" don't learn in university it
should. I'm talking about my experience and place (from Brazil). There
are guys that really like, so, they will learn easy, independent of
teacher, but in general, the student "wait" for teacher and the
teacher "teach" the minimum or necessary ... "

Ps. Don't misunderstand my point of view, there are excellent teachers
in our country and out from Brazil too, but, the interesting is mainly
of student, so, if the student wait for basic, will receive the basic.

Sorry for my english, I'm learn too;)


On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 3:42 PM, Bahrami, Mary
Having a degree in anything will get you in the door for an interview at
most places; I interviewed at oracle and passed the tech interview and one
management level, the next level rejected my anthropology degree, go figure.
Find your dream job first, then see what you need to get there….can’t
believe you’re not happy as a dba;)



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Well, I've been doing a little soul searching, I've been studying computer
engineering for a few years now.
I don't like programming, I don't like project management... and that's
about all they teach over here in comp eng....

So... my question to you is, what is your degree (if any) and what is your
opinion on college degrees and real life work.

I've been working with Oracle for a few years (4 or 5) and I've come to know
it a little, I got a good job as a DBA, but I don't really like the
'regular' careers that are usually associated with Systems
Administrations... so... if I got, say, a degree in mathematics or
physics... how would it affect my work-life?

thanks for your input.
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