Windows 64 Bit Server 2003

The past few days I've run into an interesting error in RMAN.

When making backups, RMAN is running a query that is consuming
all temp space. This causes an ORA-30928 to RMAN, and an
ORA-1652 to appear in the alert.log

ORA-30928: "Connect by filtering phase runs out of temp tablespace"
ORA-1652: "unable to extend temp segment by %s in tablespace %s"

The query in question:

select round(sum(MBYTES_PROCESSED)),round(sum(INPUT_BYTES)),round(sum(OUTPUT_BYTES)) from V$RMAN_STATUS start with (RECID=:b1 and
STAMP=:b2) connect by prior RECID=parent_recid

This query is easy to identify as coming from RMAN: it appears exactly like
this in the RMAN executable.

I doubled the temp space available in the hopes that this query would
be satiated by a double helping of disposable bytes, but alas, it appears
to be much hungrier than that. (that was 4 gig of TEMP)

This query takes about 3 minutes to run manually before consuming the
temp space (1 gig) my account is allocated.
The sort block usage amounts to 788 rows from v$sort_usage.

I have opened an SR on this, and googled as well, so far to no avail.

Has anyone else here run into this particular error with RMAN?

Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist


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