Modify Snapshot without drop

RH Linux

I need to alter my base table (add columns) and thus also the remote db
MView referring to it.

I don't mind doing some RTFM and I have been on Metalink this morning
without much luck.

I have some old notes / docs on how to do this "unsupported" (8i days,
updating intern tables) and how to do this if the MView is ON PREBUILT, but
mine is not.

I'm looking for good references or HOWTO's if someone has some, or even save
me some time and let me know if this can be done at all�with supported SQL

Sometimes proving something is not supported is harder than proving it is.

Hmm, the more I think about it, I'm also assuming that I can use the
existing MLog on the base table after I alter the base table�not sure this
is a correct assumption?


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