Niall Litchfield wrote:
On 6/16/06, Michael Ray wrote:

"Caution: Microsoft supports using the /3GB switch in Windows Server
2003, Standard Edition in a production environment for use by Active
Directory. For other applications, Microsoft supports using the /3GB
switch in Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition only in a production
environment if the application vendor has tested in this environment and
if the vendor is willing to support the customer who is using this
You'd obviously want to confirm with Oracle via a tar that they will
support you, in principle however they do. If your new more powerful
server is 64bit you may wish to read Note 370466.1.
I am already awaiting their response on that. :) We were going to do
64-bit until we realized the standby had to be 64-bit as well so
everything is 32.
We found that we had great success using SGA_TARGET/MAX_SIZE and
especially PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET to allow Oracle to allocate memory to
user threads on windows.
You'll see some of this on my other thread. They did not want me to
fiddle with PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET, which is 400MB, just with SGA_TARGET,
which currently equals SGA_MAX_SIZE. I need to figure out how to
effectively reduce it because my min size currently required is just
12MB below the target. I'm awaiting their response, but thought I would
ask the real experts also.


Michael Ray
Topshot Systems LLC

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