On 10/21/05, Paul Drake wrote:
Has anyone come across a hang/spin condition with datapump exports?

Standard Edition 10.1.0 patchset 2 ( + patch 5.
w2k adv server sp4
quad xeon (PIII)

pegged 4 cpus on single user database, single database on the server
running an expdp.exe job (full=y).

Shared servers are configured for this database due to VPN issues, but
the expdp session is connected to a dedicated server process (thread).

receiving ora-600 [504] [address] [32] [4] [row cache objects] [10] [2] [0x0]

Since this is testing I'll hold off until next week to open an iTAR.

A hanganalyze did not yet complete.
The job still appears to be in progress, so its not completely fubared.
A trace file is being generated by a backround job that appears to be
a statspack snapshot.
Is it just me, or is statspack in 10g not something that is meant for
usage anymore?
(wide open hole for soliciting signatures for Niall's post concerning ASH).
I've seen a perfstat.statspack.snap collide with AMM causing major
amounts of grief in on win32 at least 3 separate times
(disabled both now) and have seen at least 2 other posters here
complain about shared_pool latching issues related to that

This is not how I planned to spend my afternoon.
I had hoped to sneak out to a theater to catch DOOM (the movie) - not
doom, return of the ora-600.


A failed background job executing a statspack.snap was the root cause.

datapump exports now run fine without issue.

The fix was brutally simple and did not require downloading a patch or
regression testing:

SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/spdrop.sql;

I've concluded that scheduled statspack snapshots just plain do not
belong in a production database, at least for win32, even
with statistics_level='BASIC'; and AMM not in use.


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