I just applied it to 3 of our test instances on one server. Only one
of the 3 instances has the CTXSYS and MDSYS schemas, but there was one
compilation error for each schema reported. We're not using this
functionality, but I'll be following up with Oracle anyway. We're
also not using the Apache functionality which is the focus of one of
the two patches listed for our configurations. (Oracle on
HP-UX 64) I've skipped that one until I can check into it further.

On Wed, 01 Sep 2004 10:39:27 -0400, Dwayne Cox wrote:
Has anyone looked at or applied the patch to a test server yet? If so,
what issues did you experience? I will probably apply it to my test
server (Oracle9i on RHAS 3.0) sometime next week.

-- dwayne
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