Actually, you *can* store 8-bit characters in an US7ASCII
database. Oracle has this...er...quirk that if you=20
connect to the DB and your NLS_LANG value is the same as
the database's NLS_LANG value, Oracle does not do any
checking or correction of characters. However, when you
change your NLS_LANG value, Oracle will regurgitate=20
garbage for those 8-bit values.

We discovered this when we tried to transfer data over a=20
database link between a US7ASCII database and an
WE8ISO8859P1 database.

Dick, however, is right. If you're gonna store 8 bit
characters then you should have your database enabled
for that. It will save a lot of heartburn in the long


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From someone whose been there, you'll need to upgrade to =3D
WE8ISO8859P1/UTF8 to store the western European characters properly. =
US7ASCII is a subset of WE8ISO8859P1, so you won't loose anything that's =
already there.

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA
Oracle Certified 8i DBA

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Subject: US7ASCII / French Character

Is it possible to store and retrieve the special french characters in =
database with US7ASCII? Or, do I need to perform a characterset =3D
to WE8ISO8859P1 or UTF8 or something else? Thanks.

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