To keep response times down where the users like it. Despite
the best efforts of the DBA and ABAP groups, many of
SAP's queries end up doing FTSs, and an FTS on our largest
table (40+GB) takes too long for the users.

SAP's archiving strategy actually does not remove the data
from user accessibility. Archived data is stored in a large
flat file of proprietary design, and can be stored on slow
JBoD or DVD storage. Users understand that access to data=20
that's over two or three years old (depends on the data)
will be slow, and they can accept that. Everything else
is now! now! now!


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It helps us!
We use LiveReorg on our SAP system. We have an active archival/delete
process that purges older data. By reorging we recover space that
we can redeploy, and index reorgs regain space and speed.
Which brings up another question: Why are you archiving data?


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