Since there is not a BAARF-like web page on this subject, I would like to
make an similar announcement on the topic of OFA.

I am done justifying OFA to DBA's and sys admins who should already
understand the concept. I am done arguing and explaining - my arms are
crossed and the soapbox is back on the shelf where it belongs. (literally
- everyone keeps asking why I have a box of laundry detergent at my desk)

I will continue to use OFA wherever it is appropriate and will provide as
much information as desired to those who are interested. I'll layout my
file systems so that if someone out there should ever work on a system
I've built, they will be able to find all the database files, scripts and
logs they are certain to need. I'll continue to document the system
architecture as I go and provide the information to those who need it.

But the next idiot that asks me to modify a script to fit their
inconsistently designed file system had better duck ...

Thanks to everyone for listening ... I feel ever so much better. :)


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