Everyone ...

I've been off and on this list for a long time. I got thrown into a DBA
position back in 1995 and found the one profession that actually holds my
interest for more than a few months (or weeks or hours ...)

As newbie, I learned a lot from this list, but I'd like to make a point.
If I had to pick my top 10 ten teachers, Mladen would definitely make the
list. And the smart ass answers have been just as helpful as the serious
ones. If someone suggests running a command as root or oracle or my user
id, I'm at least going to figure out what the command is going do - even
when the original post wasn't relevant to me or my databases.

And now that I'm not such a newbie, and I'm pulling my hair out looking at
badly designed apps from rapidly developed DBA's, my god, I appreciate his
sense of humor.

Mladen's posts have alway been useful - I learned or I laughed, and
usually both.

Mladen and Joe, if you find a new place - let me know where it is. I think
I need the humor as much as I need the education these days.


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