We will be upgrading our operating system this weekend from 11 to 11i. We
have 3 and 1 databases on the machine. It is attached to a
SAN. The SA's are actually swapping out machines in the process too. I've
been assured that the mount points will be exactly the same and all
subsequent files/directories/binaries.

I've searched metalink and have found bits and pieces but nothing definitive
that addresses exactly what we are doing. I have also opened (another) tar
to get confirmation that what I plan to do will work. I was wondering if
anyone has done this and if there are any gotchas/comments.

I plan to shutdown everything. Let them do their thing. Log back on.
Relink 8i and 9i binaries. Start everything up. Run any loads/reports that
were scheduled during the down time. Go home. Make a drink and avoid
oracle-l like the plague so I don't post anymore obnoxious comments :-)

......for some reason, it seems too easy.

.....and I know, ..'test it first'...., but that is absolutely impossible.
.....it's a financial move (savings in the hardware/lease) that has to
happen this weekend and I have been told it's not an option to put this off.

Thanks for any comments!


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