Huh. I chased a TAR around the planet only once. SFO to
AUS to UK (skipped India!) and back to SFO. And then I=20
solved it myself anyway. That was a fun 48 hours. Not.

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Then you chase your Tar around the world. I like it when they go to
Australia or India because then I am usually confident that someone will
return my call or answer my updates in a reasonable amount of time. I =
spend entire nights calling the UK (back when you could actually CALL =
maybe get your analyst) every 75 min on a sev 1 tar and I always got =
else who claimed my analyst was indeed in and would return my call in no
more than 15 min... or had just gone on break and would call me in no =
than 30 min... or was just across the cube wall and would get right back =
me. The first night I made lots of coffee and got more and more =
The second night, I viewed it as a game. The third... it was an =
Then they got metalink fixed and I could just update the tar 3 times in =
min and have it set to immediate response required and wait.


April Wells

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