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SVRMGR> connect
internalConnected.SVRMGR> desc dbms_systempackage dbms_system
is  ------------  --  OVERVIEW  --
--  This package provides some system level utilities.

--  SECURITY  --
--  This package is only accessible to user SYS by default.  You can
control  --  access to these routines by only granting execute to
privileged users.

--  PROCEDURES AND FUNCTIONS  --  procedure set_ev(si
binary_integer, se
ev binary_integer, le binary_integer, nm varchar2);  --  This is
an internally used routine that should never be called by users.

procedure read_ev(iev binary_integer, oev
out binary_integer);  --  This is an internally used routine that
should never be called by users.  --  --  procedure
dist_txn_sync(inst_num number);  --  This should be normally be
only called by the XA library.

procedure set_sql_trace_in_session(sid
number, serial#
sql_trace boolean);  --  Enable sql_trace in the session
identified by (sid, serial#).  These

--  value are gotten from
v$session.  --  Input arguments:  --
sid  --      session id
--   serial#  --      session serial
number  --  sql_trace  --
if true then enable tracing, if false disable tracing.  --

procedure ksdwrt(dest in binary_integer, tst
in varchar2);  -- Print the given string out to the trace
file.  -- Input arguments  -- dest - destination of the output
(Alert file or Trace file or both)
--        for specifying both, the value of
dest should be  --
trace_file+alert_file  -- tst - Trace string to print.

procedure ksdfls;  -- flush the
output written to trace file.

procedure ksdddt;  -- Dump date and
time information to trace file

procedure ksdind(lvl in
binary_integer);  -- Set the indentation level for the further output
to trace file.  -- Level - the level of

----- Original Message -----
To: oracle-l@freelists.org
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 2:37
Subject: 7.3 anyone?

Would someone with a 7.3 database
mind running the following query?

connect sys
desc dbms_system

Again, thanks in

MillsapHotsos Enterprises, Ltd.http://www.hotsos.comNullius in
verbaUpcoming events:- Performance
Diagnosis 101: 2/24 San Diego, 3/23
Park City, 4/6 Seattle- Hotsos Symposium 2004:
March 7–10 Dallas-
Visit www.hotsos.com for schedule

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