Per the doc on MetaLink, Oracle Wallet Manager and Sun Java JDK are
affected by the Verisign certs.

Here is some of the info:
VeriSign Class 2 and Class 3 PCA root certificates are included in the
Oracle Wallet Manager as well as Sun's Java JDK. These certificates will
expire on January 7, 2004 and are referred to as the "Expiring"
in this note.

Both the Oracle Wallet Manager and Sun's Java JDK are shipped or utilized
by the affected products listed above. These certificates are used in
Oracle's products to authenticate web sites and applications communicating
over SSL using VeriSign certificates. They are also used to digitally
sign source code and libraries as a means to validate that the libraries and
archives have come from a trusted source.

VeriSign has issued new certificates with the same public key and new
validity periods as a replacement for the expiring certificates. The
expiring certificates should be replaced with the new certificates
following the instructions described in this note.

Customers who use VeriSign Class 2 and Class3 PCA root certificates as
trusted certificates for SSL authentication of users and servers
(database or web server) will be affected by the root CA expiry starting
January 8, 2004.
This patch will be available for the following products and versions:

o Oracle Database Server (versions,, and
o Oracle Application Server (versions,, and

I can send a copy of the doc if you like.


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