Get a beer.
Tell damagement to go away and you'll call them when its done.
Get out Robert Freeman's book on RMAN, you do have that right and
its all worn out from being dogeared and spilling beer on it, RIGHT?
restore the controlfile manually from the backup, you may have to
figure out the piece name based on your tape management logs/repository.
once the controlfile is restored, mount, and restore the rest of the
database. Restoring a controlfile without a repository is the hardest
thing you'll ever have to do with RMAN, been there done that in a
production environment when darn near everything was lost.


AK wrote:
Here is a scenerio :
I am taking full database backup everynight using rman to tape . which
includes archive logs and control file. Not using catalog.Also have a
backup of complete file system including oracle software and
configuration files ( init.ora, listener.ora etc.. )
I lost the host on a particular day at 12 am afternoon. Now I want to
restore this db to latest possible time to another host ( with same
name ) .
what are steps I need to do .

1. restore oracle software from tape.
2. restore config files ( init.ora, listener. ora ).
3. startup instance with nomount.
4. ( .... here I get confused, since I dont have latest control file
, what are implication, and what should I do )
5. connect to rman
6. run ( set until ...; restore db; recover db; )

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