We moved from a T64 (ES40 4 CPU) to a Sun (6800 2 blades 8 CPU) recently. There were no problems with the export/import of the 1/2 TB database.

One big thing was that the max block size on Sun for 8174 is 16K. We had used 32K on T64. So we had to rethink our multi_block_read_counts, etc. FTS became kind of slower but I cant say it was due to this move. We were undertaking a big change that time anyway and we tuned the SQL to get a better performance.

One another thing to keep in mind is are you going to change the underlying filesystem also - meaning are you planning to move from Compaq Storage Works to some other ? We did that (moved from StorageWorks to Hitachi) and took a performance beating initially. The problem was due to a misconfiguration on the Hitachi side and once the rectified it it has become acceptable. Still I dont see the IO rates the StorageWorks used to deliver.. :-(


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Our CIO is pushing a platform change from Tru64 to Sun. We are currently running a VLDB (~1.5 TB) on Tru64. Does anyone have feedback on the following:

Experiences with either/both, preferred platform?
Experiences with platform changes? (Time required for migration?)
Any other thoughts?

Thanks for your feedback. I am just starting to research the issue so I am interested in any input.

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