On Thursday 20 March 2003 18:19, Hamid Alavi wrote:
Dear List, Hi,
I have a question regarding Table size, I want to put the small size of
tables in a small TBS,But don't know the size of table do I have to
calculate the size for which period, Assume we want to keep the data for 5
years so do I have to calculate the size of table for 5 years then decide
if this table is in the range of small table or NOT.
two years ahead, we did the same.
In our application we have est. 350 Tables with a range of rows between 10 and
Because of this and the fact that some of our customers use Oracle 7.3.4 we
decided to split the different tables across 3 different tablespaces with
fixed extent sizes.
It is very good described in the white paper from Oracle about fragmentation.

Here is the Link:

We decided to think about 1 year in the future for every table.
One reason was the ability of Oracle 8.1.7 to move tables to another
tablespace. The customers with Ora7 are forced to change the release to
ORA8i. So we don´t need to expect the rowcount for 5 years, because of the
fact, that new Oracle Releases often have new abilities dealing with such

One example is of this fact is Ora8i and the local managed tablespaces. It´s
worth to think about a solution with one ore more tablespaces with this
feature enabled. We have very good experiences with this.
Any Idea appreciate.

Hamid Alavi

Jörg Jost

Software Engineering
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