RE: Centralized StatsPack RepositoryRaj

I did this sometime back but later on somehow this went on to the backburner.. (I also had half-developed XL based interface to the central statspack data)

In the central repository create the set of tables that statspack uses to store data under user "central". Create individual schema's with different instance names (that you want monitored). Under each of the schemas

create a db link with a dba user to the database that this schema monitors
create private synonyms for all of the v$, dba* views that statspack queries using db links created above (create synonym v$session for sys.v$session_at_target_db)
create private synonyms for all of the statspack tables to point to the "central" schema

Now when you schedule statspack.snap it will read from the target db and insert data into the "central" user...


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Hmmm... FAGC ??

Jared, I am stumped ... I can't put these 2 & 2 together. I was planning on a new instance called "dbmon". One schema for each production database instance. Statspack will be installed for each schema and other monitoring scripts that we use internally.

I am thinking of best ways to propogate datasets from individual databases to this central db.

Could you explain more about (your idea on) how FAGC would be useful??

Thanks in advance

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Have you considered FGAC? ( fine grained access control )

I haven't tried it, but it seems like a good candidate for
centralizing stats pack data with as little code as possible.


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