Common PL/SQL package to truncate tablesOf the top of my head, there is a way where you can run a procedure under the invoker's rights rather than the procedure owner's rights. if u create it that way, you need not bother checking if the user who is calling the procedure has the rights to truncate the table - oracle will do it for you


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We have a DSS database containing numerous datamarts, each stored in it's own schema.
Each datamart schema has a corresponding OPS$ batch account, which does the ETL work.
DML privs on all tables within a schema are granted to a {schema}_LOAD_ROLE, which
in turn is granted to the pertinent batch account.

Previously, each schema has it's own copy of a common utilty package, which provided
among other things, a routine to truncate a specified table. The batch account would
call this routine to perform all truncates. As the number of datamarts grew it started
becoming a pain to maintain and compile the same package in multiple schemas.

So, the idea is to use a database-wide common utility package which would be compiled
under a DBA ID, with execute granted to the OPS$ batch accounts. This package's truncate
routine would verify a truncate request by checking the calling USER against DBA_ROLE_PRIVS
to ensure it had the requisite {schema}_LOAD_ROLE for the {schema}.table_name passed as
a parameter.

Any security holes or caveats with this idea? Or maybe a more elegant way to accomplish this?


Jeffery D Thomas

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