On Friday 06 December 2002 18:29, Orr, Steve wrote:
So then I tried nohup:
$ nohup sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @managed_recov.sql &
[1] 23412
$ nohup: appending output to 'nohup.out'
[1]+ Exit 127 nohup sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @managed_recov.sql
-------------------------------------------------------------- [...]
So with a little help from a *nix geek I did this...
sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @managed_recov.sql standby.log &
-------------------------------------------------------------- [...]
Is there a better way to do this? I submitted a TAR but OWS hasn't been any
help. Doesn't it seem lame that Oracle gives the "RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY
DATABASE" command but is unable to provide a means to implement it without
requiring the terminal session to remain open?

try it wiht screen, a nice tool, that gives you something like another
terminal. An example:
sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

So, now you say CTRL-a and CTRL-d and you are back in your first session.
now you can work on without any worry.
If you want to come back, you say:
$screen -r

as the same user, you start the screen. Thats it.

Hope it helps

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