Don - Shouldn't be a problem. We run about 11 instances on our development
server. I don't think SE and EE will give you a problem. You will want to
install them on different ORACLE_HOMEs. You may need to do a little more
tuning than you would otherwise. For example, once in awhile it seems the
developers want to use all the test instances at the same time, then I need
to make sure the total SGA requirements don't exceed the system memory size.
If one group wants to do some performance testing, you'll need to tune that
instance more like production and encourage the other group to take it easy
during that period. Ask the development managers about how critical the data
is. Often you can just do daily exports, weekly cold backups. But sometimes
the data is critical and you'll want to turn archivelog mode on.

Dennis Williams

Lifetouch, Inc.

Environment: HP_UX 11
This is a Development environment only.

Can one safely run Oracle DB Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition on
the same machine?

I know this sounds odd. We have two packages, Application (A) which still
runs Oracle 8i for the db, and for that we purchased 10 named users and x

Application (B) uses Oracle 9i AS Enterprise Edition with 10 named users.
From purely a technical standpoint, can you run both on the same box and
not have it break or cause really bad performance.

As we move forward into production, we'll need to buy more and
different licensing, because Application (B) is web-based. And it would
split over different host computers in production, not both on the same,
calm down. 8*)


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