Query the v$sql table. If the 'address' field contains
8 hex characters, it's 32 bit. If there are 16 characters,
it's 64 bit.

select address from v$sql
where rownum < 2;


Inka Bezdziecka wrote:
you need to 'describe' v$session, not to 'select' from it

SQL> desc v$session

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Qs What do you mean by raw(4) / raw(8) ?
Does it mean Length of the Field Data Value ?
From my Database :-
SQL> select saddr from v$session where rownum < 2
2 /


CASE - Assuming on receiving a Database from a 3rd party
1) My Existing Installed ORACLE_HOME software is 64 - Bit
2) Assuming the Database Sent is a 32-Bit Database ( which i am Ignorant of )

Qs When i Bring up this 32-Bit Database using my 64-Bit Oracle Software will SADDR Still
show raw(4) values ?


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I posted the note below a few weeks ago, hope it helps


Here is a little summary of commands to identify the bit version of an o/s
and 2 methods of identifying whether a database is a 32 bit or 64 bit

Operating System

Compaq Tru 64 - will be 64 bit

HP-UX /usr/sbin/swlist | grep -E '32|64' returns
HPUXEng64RT B.11.00.01 English HP-UX 64-bit Runtime
Environment if 64 bit
Sun isalist -v
If the return contains the phrase 'sparcv9' then it is a 64 bit o/s
Oracle Version
To check Oracle version - 2 methods
do a file on $ORACLEHOME/bin/oracle returns either ELF-32 or ELF-64
Within sqlplus desc v$session and look for the definition of saddr (if
raw(4) then 32 bit else if raw(8) 64 bit)

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Given a Database . It is 32 Bit or 64 Bit, how can it be found ?

Assuming Cold Backup of Database Sent from Elsewhere
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