We have a three 420R boxes, two 450 boxes, three 6500's. Each of our 420R's
configuration is --- 4 cpu's - 450 MHZ, 4 GB RAM. We are using 420R boxes
for our development. We have Oracle 817, WebLogic 6.1 and some middle tier
software loaded onto these 420Rs.

These 420R boxes come initially with one disk controller card. If you want
to add additional disks, then, you would need to purchase additional
controller cards.

Now, regarding performance, we were trying to benchmark how many TPS 420R
could send via WebLogic. I cannot post the exact TPS figures to the list as
the damagement might interpret as revealing confidential info.

But, my opinion is the number of TPS are very less or throughput is very
less compared to E6500's.


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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 7:00 PM
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Well I have just returned from the Sun site, and checked out the two
systems. The 420r is a rackmount server in the Enterprise Server series.
It uses Sparciii processors, up to 4 at 450mhz. I don't' think I would
consider this configuration an upgrade. I also doubt you'd classify this
one as a screamer.

The 880 is one of the Sunfire series of servers sporting a pair of 2 900mhz
64 bit UltraSparciii processors. This one sounds much more exciting to me.

As I type this, I am informed that the powers that be are also looking at
some HP UX boxes. Well either way we go I don't think it will be too
traumatic for me. I am hoping for that Sun 880 now.

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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 2:54 PM
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Steve - Is the 420R part of the new Sun Serengeti series? We had a test box
here and I recall the model number as being similar. If it is the same
thing, that box was a real screamer.
Dennis Williams

Lifetouch, Inc.

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Sorry for the double posting. I failed to include a subject line initially.
My first day back, and already a list faux paus. Two I guess if you count
the double post.

Hello All,
It has been a while since I have been here, but I am back and properly s
ubscribed to the list again. I am looking to draw from your experiences
here with hardware. Our current database resides on a Data General Aviion
system with a Clarion drive cabinet. While we are very pleased with the
system, and it's performance Data General is going the way of the Dinosaur,
so we need to look at other options. The ones most currently floated have
been the Sparc 880 or the 420R either configured with dual gigahertz
processors. The IT manager has a desk piled high with marketing
gobbledeegook, and has asked me if I know anything about either system. All
I have been able to do is assure him that Solaris is essentially UNIX, and
tell him I would check with some knowledgeable folks here about the
hardware. Our DG box sports a Gig of RAM, and 4 300 mhz Intel processors.
The best thing by far about our system is the Clarion drive cabinet that
handles all our drives. The good news is I hear our cabinet is compatible
with Sun hardware, so that might come right along with us. I have done a
bit of internet searching, and seen these Sun boxes priced under 20K. My
question is this. Are these serious platforms for a business currently
handling 10K OLTP transactions a day, and looking to double or triple that
volume within two years?

Steve McClure

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