I know you
learn more 'by fire', but I think I am going to go home now and sit under the
I was in a job interview a few years ago, and the
interviewer asked me to
tell him about one of my big successes.
Stumped.  I told him I could not
think of a big success, but I remember every one of the
failures.  He
laughed and said "Yep.  It's the one's that leave
you limping that you

I didn't get the job, but I remember the


Michael P.
I’ve got a PBS mind in an MTV world
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Resolved!! Another Downed Database
I wanted to let everyone know that my (un)archived,
no cold backup database is now up!!  I took Oracle's advice and started
with the full physical backup and did not apply the differential backup.
I then entered Recover Database and when the messsage came back 'database
recovered' I just stood there and stared at the screen.  When I finally
started breathing because I was turning blue, I opened the database, and it
opened!  I couldn't believe it after all the things I've read.
Although I did lose one week's worth of data, in this case it is something we
can live with.  Needless to say I am going to put it in archivelog mode
ASAP.  Oh, and I did curve the urge to let everyone know until I shut the
database back down and got a good backup (as one of the respondees had
Many thanks to all who replied.  Whether the
suggestions helped or not it is always nice to know that someone knows what
you're going through and are trying to help.
I know you learn more 'by fire', but I think I am
going to go home now and sit under the spinkler!!!!
Thanks again, Laura

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