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On Fri, 29 Dec 2000, Michael Parry wrote:
Hi, my root account has been disabled on a HPUX system
I just took over, even the console is locked. I know
little on HPs. On Solaris I can boot from the CD,
mount the disk and change the password. Is it the
same on HP?

1. How can I reset the root password? Steps?
Go into the firmware settings after reboot and boot into single user mode (at
the prompt: hpux -is). You will be able to run passwd and reset the root
2. If it is a trusted system, how can I reset the
You must have the password for the admin account (been a while since I've dealt
with trusted HP. There is an account that is used to reset the root password on
trusted hp-ux. You may have to do some digging on dejanews to find out which,
since my memory has obviously repressed my, um, "wonderful" experiences admining
Oracle on trusted hp :)

4. Lastly, can running the pwconv command enable the
trusted system on HPUX 10.2?
Nope - trusted is a completely different operating system install - you cannot
'accidentally' change vanilla 10.20 to trusted 10.23 (the last version of
trusted hp-ux to hit the market. I believe hp has dropped trusted from their



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