Il giorno lun, 09/04/2007 alle 12.31 -0500, Larry Garfield ha scritto:
On Sat, 7 Apr 2007 23:26:55 +0200, Dries Buytaert wrote:
Hi Gabrieli,
On 07 Apr 2007, at 10:40, Gabriele Turchi wrote:
Hi all. I'm doing a drupal 5.1 Oracle db experimental port. I have a
first core installation more or less working.

Next target will be cck and views.

One problem was the need to remove the db_num_rows calls
(unavailable in
Oracle). I've seen here and there an inappropriate use of this
("select *" and db_num_rows in place of "select count(*)"), and I
my patches can be useful also for performance under other databases.
Cool! :)

Note that we can't commit your patch to the Drupal 5 branch -- only
bugfixes are committed to that branch. You'll want to provide
patches for CVS HEAD so that the new functionality can become part of
Drupal 6.

You'll want to check with Larry Garfield -- he's working on PDO
support for Drupal 6, and is also looking into removing db_num_rows
(). See this week's thread about "PDO and database limitations" for
more information.
@Gabrieli: Greetings! Hopefully what I'm working on will make Oracle
support easier, too.
I think that too.
@Dries: Since it looks like db_num_rows() is going to be an issue for
more than just PDO, would you be open to separate patches that just
do "SQL cleanup" to eliminate db_num_rows(), clean up
tablename-in-prepared-statement problems, etc, either as lots of little
patches (my preference, easier to test/debug) or a big cleanup patch?
I believe that will be the largest remaining part of PDO anyway, but
valuable to native-Oracle efforts etc. as well.
To be honest, the big part of my patches about db_num_rows are
one-liner... (change the select using "count(*)" where only the record
number is needed and turning upside-down a while loop when fetching

Maybe, creating some sort of "semi-official" patches should be useful to
do something like a "beta-test" during the "5." release.

About changes, may I also add a "we don't really need a kilometer-long
table and index names"? Oracle doesn't like that...
--Larry Garfield
Best regards,

P.S.: I'm sorry, my english is alpha version...
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