+1. What Kitson said.

On Sep 30, 2012, at 7:07 AM, Kitson Kelly wrote:


Not all Dojo Foundation projects have to immediately fit the Dojo Toolkit
in my opinion. At the very least it does then make it easier if we wanted
or needed to move i18n forward with DTK to potentially use an alternative

While it won't change my vote, the only thing that would have been an
addition to the proposal would have been more clarity about what the
governance model for the project will look like and the current state of
the IP. Because correct me if I am wrong, but those are a requirement of a
Dojo Foundation project. I am sure Alex will have a governance model, but
making it clear that it would give it 100 points on the Almaer's scale and
that it's IP up to this point is 100% clean are both important issues to

Alex Russell
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