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On Feb 2, 2011, at 7:11 AM, Peter Higgins wrote:

On 2/2/11 9:53 AM, Dylan Schiemann wrote:
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EmbedJS proposal from uxebu to the Dojo Foundation

- -----------
We (uxebu) would like to propose that the Dojo Foundation become the
hosting organization for EmbedJS, described in detail at
http://embedjs.org. The code of it is hosted here:

EmbedJS is a JavaScript framework for embedded devices (mobile phones,
TVs, etc.). It takes a different approach than other frameworks by
shipping just the code needed for each device. That means, there's less
code going over the wire, less code branching at runtime and less
memory usage. You still get what you'd expect from a framework: multiple
platforms ? one API.

EmbedJS is based on the Dojo Toolkit. If you know how to work with with
Dojo, you already know how to work with EmbedJS!

EmbedJS is Open Source and available under either the terms of the
modified BSD license or the MIT License. Both licenses grant you broad
rights to use and build on and with EmbedJS in both Open Source and
commercial settings.

Source of code:
The source code of EmbedJS is either borrowed from the Dojo Toolkit or
was contributed by an employee of uxebu Consulting Ltd.& Co. KG. (Jens
Arps, David Aurelio, Tobias Schneider, Wolfram Kriesing, Nikolai Onken,
Stephan Seidt and Tobias von Klipstein). Because of this and that uxebu
itself has a signed CCLA, EmbedJS should fulfill the legal requirements
to become a Dojo Foundation project.

The Measure:
- ------------------

Having performed all due diligence, shall the Dojo Foundation accept the
assets, liability, and goodwill of EmbedJS and sponsor EmbedJS in an
ongoing fashion?

Further, shall the Foundation accept the members of the EmbedJS team as
committers on this new project and therefore as voters on Foundation

Voting rules:
- ------------------

* in order to vote, you must be a committer on a Dojo Foundation Project
* voting will take place on this mailing list, via email. Respond to
this message with a "+1" or "-1" in the body of the message.
* a simple majority of votes cast wins the election
* voting will remain open for 48 hours from the posting if this message,
as defined by when the message is shown to have been received by list
archiving software like gmane.
* keep it clean. If you don't like the idea, vote, don't flame.

Please send objections to the rules to this list. If enough objections
are filed (more than 3), the vote will be canceled, new rules
formulated, and a new vote taken.

If you are not sure of your eligibility to vote or would like to cast
your vote in private, please email Dylan directly.
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