I just wanted to very quickly say thanks to Dylan. His years of tirelessly pushing Foundation projects toward success makes him the ideal person to take on the role of President, and I couldn't be happier to see it happen.
On Jan 16, 2011, at 9:41 AM, Dylan Schiemann wrote:

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Some quick Dojo foundation news:

1. The new Dojo foundation board has approved a new foundation president
and vice-president. Alex Russell had asked us to find a replacement
(he'll remain on the board). So I'm honored to be promoted to president,
and joined by Adam Peller as foundation vice-president. I'll announce
this on the blog soon.

2. A new Dojo Foundation site is near completion. You can see the work
in progress at http://staging.dojofoundation.org/

3. Dojo 1.6 beta 1 and Wink Toolkit 1.2.3 have been released. Dojo 1.6
final is planned for February.

4. A new project has applied to join. Information for voting will be
sent out tomorrow.
Alex Russell
slightlyoff at google.com
slightlyoff at chromium.org
alex at dojotoolkit.org BE03 E88D EABB 2116 CC49 8259 CF78 E242 59C3 9723

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