Congrats y'all!
On Dec 3, 2010, at 10:53 PM, Dylan Schiemann wrote:

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The votes are in and tallied.

David Boloker and Ben Galbraith have each been elected for two years,
and Michael Peachey and Dion Almaer for one year.

Thanks for voting, and a big welcome to the new Dojo Foundation Board

- -Dylan
Dylan Schiemann November 23, 2010 4:28 AM:

Hi Dojo Foundation Committers!

For several years, the Dojo Foundation board has consisted of just Alex
and Dylan, and as promised, we're finally getting around to expanding it.

A third seat will be voted on shortly by the project leads, and will
come from one of the project leads. This seat will have a 1 year term
(once voted until December 31, 2011).

An additional 4 seats will also be added from at-large votes. Two of
these seats will be two-year terms (now until Dec. 31, 2012), and two
will be one-year terms (now through December 31, 2010).

We've reached out to the larger community for nominations, with our
primary goals being to grow awareness, improve marketing for the
foundation projects, provide more coherent marketing and development,
and raising funds to sponsor various efforts. We received many
interesting candidates, with the following four agreeing to run for the

David Boloker, IBM (Dojo)
Michael Peachey, TIBCO (General Interface)
Ben Galbraith, Set Direction (Ajaxian)
Dion Almaer, Set Direction (Ajaxian)

We had originally intended to only add two seats to the board, but with
these four strong candidates, we decided to open the board up to include
all of them.

So, we have 4 candidates for 4 seats, making the voting somewhat boring.
That said, we still need your vote to make it official. The top two will
receive two year terms, with the other two receiving the one-year term.

Because voting for people is always sensitive (even though everyone gets
elected in this case), please DO NOT RESPOND WITH THE TYPICAL +1.
Instead, please send your ballot to both Alex and I via email
(dylan at, alex at by 11:59 PM Pacific time,
November 30, 2010.

Your may vote for up to 4 candidates, but do not need to vote for all of
them. You should rank them in order of priority (1 for your first
choice, 2 for your second choice, 3 for your third choice, 4 for your
fourth choice, 0 for a no vote).


2010 Dojo Foundation Ballot

_ David Boloker, IBM
_ Michael Peachey, TIBCO
_ Ben Galbraith, Set Direction and Ajaxian
_ Dion Almaer, Set Direction and Ajaxian

Reminder, please *DO NOT RESPOND WITH THE TYPICAL +1*. Instead, please
send your ballot to both Alex and I via email (dylan at,
alex at by 11:59 PM Pacific time, November 30, 2010.
- --
Dylan Schiemann
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