On Oct 13, 2010, at 6:20 AM, Dylan Schiemann wrote:

I (James Burke) would like to propose that the Dojo Foundation become
the hosting organization for RequireJS, described in detail at
http://requirejs.org, with the code hosted at

- From the latest README:

RequireJS loads plain JavaScript files as well as more defined
modules. It is optimized for in-browser use, including in a Web
Worker, but it can be used in other JavaScript environments, like
Rhino and Node. It implements the CommonJS Transport/C proposal API.

RequireJS uses plain script tags to load modules/files, so it should
allow for easy debugging. It can be used simply to load existing
JavaScript files, so you can add it to your existing project without
having to re-write your JavaScript files.

RequireJS includes an optimization tool you can run as part of your
packaging steps for deploying your code. The optimization tool can
combine and minify your JavaScript files to allow for better

If the JavaScript file defines a JavaScript module via require.def(),
then there are other benefits RequireJS can offer: better CommonJS
support and loading multiple versions of a module in a page. RequireJS
also allows for module modifiers and has a plugin system that supports
features like i18n string bundles, text file dependencies, and JSONP
service dependencies.

RequireJS does not have any dependencies on a JavaScript framework. It
is dual-licensed -- new BSD and MIT.

The project is hosted on GitHub and I run the web server for
http://requirejs.org. I do not expect that to change in the near
future, but if the site becomes astronomically popular, then I may ask
for hosting guidance.

I have followed CLA guidelines for accepting new code contributions in
anticipation of bringing the project to the foundation.

I recently updated the licenses for the project: it was under the new
BSD, MIT and GPL licenses, but found out recently that the new
(modified) BSD license is compatible with the GPL so I updated the
license info to remove the GPL option. The web site still mentions
GPL, but the latest code in the repo does not, and the next release
will update the web site to reflect only the MIT and new BSD licenses.

I expect to add new committers to the project in a similar fashion to
how it works for the Dojo Toolkit: they file patches, if the work
looks good, then I may grant them direct push privileges. I may ask
around for other people's opinions before giving push access, but it
is not required. Right now I am the only committer, but Bryan Forbes,
Kris Zyp, and Alex Sexton have made non-trivial patches that were

The Measure:

Having performed all due diligence, shall the Dojo Foundation accept
the assets, liability, and goodwill of RequireJS and sponsor RequireJS
in an ongoing fashion?

Further, shall the Foundation accept the members of the RequireJS team
as committers on this new project and therefore as voters on
Foundation matters?

Voting rules:

* in order to vote, you must be a committer on a Dojo Foundation Project
* voting will take place on this mailing list, via email. Respond to
this message with a "+1" or "-1" in the body of the message.
* a simple majority of votes cast wins the election
* voting will remain open for 48 hours from the posting if this
message, as defined by when the message is shown to have been received
by list archiving software like gmane.
* keep it clean. If you don't like the idea, vote, don't flame.

Please send objections to the rules to this list. If enough objections
are filed (more than 3), the vote will be canceled, new rules
formulated, and a new vote taken.

If you are not sure of your eligibility to vote or would like to cast
your vote in private, please email Dylan directly.

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Foundation at mail.dojotoolkit.org
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