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We (Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar) would like to propose that the
Dojo Foundation become the hosting organization for the Open
Framework project - described in detail at

- From that site:

"The Open Reputation Framework is community authored open source
software that provides a large scale, high-performance execution
environment designed specifically for reputation models, and other
mission critical event-driven data transformations..."

In short, an open and free reputation platform for developers to
their own reputation systems.

We, Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer, have built several of these
platforms before, most notably for Yahoo! (as detailed in Appendix A
Building Web Reputation Systems see
http://buildingreputation.com/doku.php) and for Zynga. Both of these
companies have conditionally offered to contribute source code (and a
patent) to this project, assuming an appropriate entity is found to
house and open the intellectual property - we think that should be the
Dojo Foundation.

Likewise, the graphical reputation grammar and its elements as
defined in Building Web Reputation Systems are already Creative
and O'Reilly has explicitly granted permission for them to be a part
this project.

We have high hopes that the Open Reputation Framework might someday
the discussion of any emerging standards for sharing reputation data

- --------
Surprisingly, the taxonomy of reputation systems is not yet well
evolved. Hopefully this project will provide a Schelling point for
refinement not only of this software, but its study and best
We use very specific language for reputation systems, so please
allow us
to define our usage here.

. Reputation: Information used to make a value judgment about an
object or person

. Karma: The reputation(s) for a user

. Reputation Model: A description of all of the reputation
events, and processes for a particular context. Usually, a model
on a single type of reputable entity.

. Reputation System: A set of one or more interacting reputation
models. An example is Slashdot.org, which combines two reputation
models: an entity reputation model of users' evaluations of individual
message board postings, and a karma reputation model for determining
number of moderation opportunities granted to users to evaluate posts.
It is a "the best users have the most control" reputation system.

. Reputation Framework: The execution environment for one or more
reputation systems. It handles message routing, storing and retrieving
statements, and maintaining and executing the model processes.

The Open Reputation Framework provides reference implementations as
defined above - the infrastructure required to define and execute
reputation systems, such as ratings and reviews, or the Zynga's abuse
detection network, or a spammer-IP reputation system for filtering
email. Much like a web server provides the underlying environment for
web pages, the reputation framework allows for reputation-apps to be
constructed without having to deal with message routing, database
coding, and dealing with massive-scale input handling.

We are no strangers to inventing new foundational technologies.
(with many others) they created the very first virtual world in the
1980s and our first paper about it, The Lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat
is considered seminal in the field. We still blog together at
http://habitatchronicles.com. Chip recently released the Elko web
application server is used to create stateful web apps (see
http://www.fudco.com/software/elko/). Likewise, Randy is an expert on
the definition, development and deployment of reputation systems and
blogs about it with his co-author Bryce Glass at
http://buildingreptuation.com. We've also done groundbreaking work on
internet security, capability languages, virtual currencies,
objects and open identity systems.

Besides these two initial committers, we anticipate two more each from
Yahoo and Zynga, as well as one or two more of the original team that
have since left Yahoo that might be interested, including a tech
lead at
Netflix. Each of these committers would come on incrementally - only
needed. We expect no more than 10 stretched over several months.

Between the two of us we've been granted (or have applications
for over a dozen patents. We're pretty sick and tired of software
patents - that's one of the reasons we're trying to get all the work
did at Yahoo! and Zynga opened - there's no reason for any of this
to be
proprietary - but without a neutral party to hold the IP in the public
interest, it stays that way.

We currently work as consultants on through our firm, MSB Associates
(MSBit.com), so we have a stake in seeing this project through to
effective usefulness in order to be able to use it for other clients
our practice. MSB has made an ongoing commitment to paying the
operational costs for this project, including service and incidental
fees. Chip and Randy will donate their time to the project. For
we already have a sponsorship from Answers.com to fund the
extraction of
the code from these contributors and commit it to the project.

Though the existing code (once contributed and packaged) is well
established, this open source project and our participation as project
leaders in open source is new - we could definitely use the advice of
Dojo Foundation committers on issues such as the most appropriate
license (MIT or BSD?) to protect the foundation and the project -
it is still early. Any input by the impressive team you already have
would be welcome.

We appreciate your consideration of bringing the Open Reputation
Framework into the Dojo Foundation. Likewise, Chip and Randy hope to
able to bring some of their expertise to bear on your projects, as

We look forward to discussing this proposal with the Dojo community.

Randy Farmer, Project Lead, MSB Associates randy.farmer at pobox.com
Chip Morningstar, Technical Lead, MSB Associates chip at fudco.com

The Measure:
- ----------------

Having preformed all due diligence, shall the Dojo Foundation accept
assets, liability, and goodwill of the Open Reputation Framework and
sponsor the Open Reputation Framework in an ongoing fashion?

Further, shall the Foundation accept the members of the Open
Framework team as committers on this new project and therefore as
on Foundation matters?

Voting rules:
- ----------------

* in order to vote, you must be a committer on a Dojo Foundation
* voting will take place on this mailing list, via email. Respond to
this message with a "+1" or "-1" in the body of the message.
* a simple majority of votes cast wins the election
* voting will remain open for 48 hours from the posting if this
as defined by when the message is shown to have been received by list
archiving software like gmane.
* keep it clean. If you don't like the idea, vote, don't flame.

Please send objections to the rules to this list. If enough objections
are filed (more than 3), the vote will be canceled, new rules
formulated, and a new vote taken.

If you are not sure of your eligibility to vote or would like to cast
your vote in private, please email me directly.

- -Dylan
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