+1 on marking old APIs as "deprecated".

Leaning towards -1 on removing modules. I'm trying to remember examples of
when we pulled deprecated methods, and I can't think of any. Anyone
remember? Perhaps there were times it was required due to a bug -- truly
exceptional cases? This would deviate from our long-standing policy,
right? If we do this, the typical user will experience pain upgrading to
1.10, and for what benefit? We'd have to maintain less code, but frankly I
don't think that's a huge win given that the old code is generally stable
and going to wind up obsolete anyway. Chris' suggestion mitigates this
somewhat, but I have to wonder if it's worth breaking the back-compat
policy now, in the middle of a 2.0 transition.


On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 1:00 PM, Rawld Gill wrote:

From: Tom Trenka

Perhaps the plan going forward for 1.x should go something like this:

1. Identify modules that have been replaced, and with the 1.9 release mark
them as deprecated. I'm thinking connect, data, xhr + io, and maybe
Deferred (don't remember if Promise uses that or not, I'll go check; haven't
used a release past 1.7 yet).

2. Remove said modules in 1.10 but provide a separate zip containing those
modules (a la Chris' suggestion) as a download. As far as I know, most of the
mentioned modules are self-standing, so I don't see that as being an issue.
I personally don't see a problem with marking things as deprecated in one
version and removing them in the next; that's been our standard practice as
it is since Ye Ancient Times(tm) and while most of the time, the modules
deprecated haven't been so central...still seems like the same solution will
work. Note that this does not alter the 1.9 scope at all.
I agree 100%.


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