Kit, thanks for summarizing!

Sorry, I missed the part about the loader and core being developed in
separate packages. +1. This assures the proper separation of code
dependencies, release cycle, and testing. Also I agree, we'll want to
provide a ready to run Dojo Toolkit, so the inclusion of some loader in the
distribution, streamlining the download for the average developer, sounds
like a must. However, I'd like to understand if it will still be possible
to grab Dojo Core without the loader, using the package manager of choice
(sounds like the answer is yes?) Also, whether it will be possible to
distribute and use the Dojo loader by itself without Dojo Core (also yes?)
Both of these are important to promote interop with other AMD-ready
toolkits, also to promote AMD itself, such that Dojo's loader is no longer
presented as a proprietary, built-in piece.

I'm very interested in the long-term roadmap for the loaders and hope both
James and Rawld are comfortable with whatever choice we make here.


On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Kitson Kelly wrote:


It was discussed last night at the weekly meeting<> if
the Dojo Loader should be split out from the Dojo Core package.

The discussion had been had previously weekly meetings and in the Packaging
and Distribution document<> around
this subject

The main argument for not splitting them out is that the Dojo Core would
be fully "self contained" and not require anything else to be useable, and
that the overhead of including the Dojo Loader in the Core would be minimal.

Some mentioned that it would be useful to know the outcome of the
conversations of James Burke and Rawld Gill in regards to the potential
long term roadmap of RequireJS and the Dojo Loader.

There was some discussion that the Loader should use the same APIs as the
core, but while this was mentioned it did not seem to bear any great

The biggest arguments against were to continue to ensure that the Dojo
Core is AMD compliant, which is usable by any AMD compliant loader. Also,
there should be no hard dependencies between the Loader and the Core (there
aren't any at the moment) so it would be a convenience anyways.

Both Adam Peller and Ben Hockey had made comments in the document which
seemed to indicate support for breaking them out, which was mentioned in
the discussion.

In the end, what was agreed was that the Dojo Loader and the Dojo Core
would be separate packages in 2.0, but that every official Distribution of
Dojo Toolkit would include the Dojo Loader.

There has been subsequent feedback that maybe this needs to be discussed
further on the mailing list, ergo this e-mail.


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